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Why Luxury Watch Collecting is an Excellent Choice!

For thousands of years, people have found joy in collecting things that appeal to them. Archeologists often find small collections of crystals and hides showing that collecting objects has existed through all cultures and times. One such form of collecting has been gaining speed over the past few decades; luxury watch collecting. While this may bring up images of extreme wealth, cigars, and glasses of brandy, the truth is a shared love of horology has created a diverse community of passionate enthusiasts. Thanks to the internet there is a huge number of groups, forums, and social media profiles dedicated to collecting both new and vintage luxury watches. Because of this, many people from all walks of life have started collecting that would have never before been exposed to the beauty and artistry of luxury watches. At Karats Jewelers in Overland Park, we also share in this love of horology and want to teach others why luxury watch collecting is an excellent choice!  


Let’s discuss why luxury watch collecting is an excellent choice!  The first reason is purchasing a luxury watch is an investment. Just like your home, most watches will increase in value. This means if want to invest in a new luxury watch you may be able to sell a previously acquired timepiece to purchase it and still have a bit left over. Some watches have grown in value by as much as 20% in only a few years.      

Second, luxury watches are a great way to celebrate a milestone. Significant celebrations deserve significant recognition. Newly married or married for 50 years, 20th anniversary with the same company, or reached a lifestyle milestone. For some just owning a certain brand of watch is a milestone in itself. Whatever milestone you are celebrating, know that Karats has the perfect watch to mark it with. 

Third, collecting luxury watches are a fantastic legacy. These high-quality timepieces are made with the utmost craftsmanship and artistry in mind. They are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Each watch tells a story from why the owner acquired it to the memories made while wearing it. These watches have an impact on the style and personality of the person wearing them. We can’t think of a better way to show your significance to the generations after you than to pass on a luxury watch collection.  

Are you considering investing in luxury timepieces as an investment, to mark a milestone or to add to your legacy?  Karats Jewelers would like to point you in the right direction. We want our passion for luxury watches to be your passion!  Stop by today and see our wide range of styles by over 20 top designer brands. You won’t find a better selection in all of Kansas City!