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Rolex Watch Repairs in Overland Park, Kansas

Rolex watches, just like any sports car, need a good servicing periodically. Karats jewelers can diagnose, service, and repair your Rolex watches, as well as any other watch brands you may have! Stop by our store today to get a service or repair estimate on your favorite Rolex!

“You never really own a Rolex, you merely look after it for the next generation.”

Just like any high-functioning machine, a Rolex needs maintenance to retain its superlative chronometer accuracy rating (+2/-2 sec./day). Although they are renowned for their indestructibility, the hand made mechanical movement inside is delicate and will wear over time. 

Rolex highly recommends servicing every 10 years depending on the model and real life usage. This service entails a complete dismantle and ultrasonic cleaning of every component, with parts not meeting standards being replaced by genuine Rolex parts. The case and bracelet can be refinished upon request and every service is covered by a service guarantee. 

No matter the model, a Rolex is a precious heirloom worth the extra effort and care a service can provide. These watches were built to last generations, hopefully reminding loved ones of joyful memories by a simple glance of the wrist. 


  • Rolex recommends a service every 10 years
  • A service can increase the value of your watch 
  • To ensure optimal performance, bring your watch in to KARATS for a service estimate! 

Here at KARATS we know your Rolex is so much more than just jewelry and our team is more than happy to help with any and all servicing needs. Stop by today and let us take care of you!